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Let your fans request your next creation

Fast frictionless voting - give your fans what they want most.

How does it work?

1. Fill a short form (3 fields) to set up your voting page, then publish it and share the link with your fans.

2. Your fans anonymously submit requests and vote for their favorites during the voting period.

3. The request with the most votes at the end is the fan favorite. The people have chosen, now give them what they asked for!

Create your vote page


Right now, if you want to give your fans what they want most, how do you do it?

You can ask them to send in requests, but it's going to be chaos:

Private messages and public posts will pour in across various platforms.

Different platforms have different metrics for popularity and different levels of engagement, which makes it impossible to pick a truly fair winner.

People are often shy to share their ideas publicly, so you'll miss out on potentially good requests.

And what about your fans who aren't even on social media, they get totally left it.

Fan Favorite wants to solve all these issues and make the process easy and simple for you and your fans.

Registration NOT required

Anyone who visits a vote page can submit ideas and vote instantly. No logins, no forms, no fuss.

Limited Time Only

You choose how long voting stays open. The winning request is whichever one gets the most votes before the voting period ends.

Vote ideas into existence

It's not just voting for voting's sake. Creators are expected to actually implement the winning idea, and then share the result with their voters.


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